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I've been to several doctors, and none of them can figure this out....I have a variety of symptoms....I am an overweight male (31 yrs old)

Immediately after eating:
-Stomach pain
-Low-grade fever

Other times:
-Constant hunger
-extreme thirst
-when I wake up, I can taste the stomach acid

I am currently on Nexium.

My wife wants me to go to yet another doctor, but I want to see if i can learn more...


Hello there, I would like to help you solve this mystery of yours. I have some knowledge about abdominal pains, I have studied it lots since I myself had a lot of troubles with constipation and doctors couldn’t tell me what I should do to relieve the pain in bowels, it was unbearable, I was also taking some herbs and teas and hell knows what beside medications.
What I could tell you, according to the first list of symptoms, this could be the irritable bowel syndrome, the symptoms of this illness are abdominal cramps, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating and a feeling you have to have another bowel movement after you have already had one. Do you have some of these symptoms beside the ones you have listed?
You can check this with your doc, he could do some examinations and do some test, such as colonoscopy, blood tests or x-rays?
Is Nexium a bit relieving your pains? I hope it does!
You should know that the constant hunger is listed among the side effects of taking Nexium, so I believe that’s why you are having the increased appetite.


I had a lot of gastric problem for the past 2 years. whatever I eat,I get burning sensation in my stomach. My colleague had suggested me to take ginger lemon after meal , and do not eat to spicy or oily foods. But After My doctor advice on to Order Nexium Online with their pharmacy I found permanent solution on my gastro health problem.