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I recently posted a message about some symptoms i was experiencing. Abdominal cramping and pain, lower back pain. bloating, fatigued, and a feeling of fullness due to a very bloated stomach. I was just diagnosed by the doctor of having IBS. So i was just reposting for those who have similar symptoms. I am on a few different medications now. However, my stomach pains have gotten worse and so has the bloating. Do these symptoms sound like IBS or maybe something else that the doctor over looked. Thanks for the help


Hello, Gretch. I am a forty-year-old woman who recently had a sudden onset of bowel irregularities, bladder irregularities, weakness, abdominal pain etc etc etc... It is running my life. I've done a lot of internet research, and at this point we're at the scary diagnosis (having ruled everything else out).

Did you have a colonoscopy? That was one of the first things with me - we removed a precancerous growth and found no other problems (inflammation, etc.). They won't find IBS that way, but they can rule out Chron's, diverticulitis and ulcerative colitis, which also cause a lot of similar symptoms.

One possibility that can happen to women is that they have endometriosis causing adhesions (scar tissue, etc.) in their bowel tract. It is estimated that as many as half of women told they have IBS actually have endometriosis with bowel involvement. Symptoms are similar, though you will probably feel sicker before and at the beginning of your cycle, because the endometrial implants will swell and bleed, just like the endometrial lining of your uterus (however, it gets absorbed back into your body because there is no outlet).

We just got back from the ob/gyn in my case - though I am awful old to develop endometriosis and the presentation was wrong, I was hoping for an endometriosis diagnosis. After hearing my symptoms and my description of the ultrasound done at the other gynecologist's (she wouldn't listen to me), he told me this isn't presenting like endometriosis. One "silent killer" of women is ovarian cancer - it presents with vague abdominal symptoms including bowel/bladder issues (bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea/constipation), nausea, loss of appetite or feeling "full" too fast... usually by the time everything else has been ruled out and/or the person has been misdiagnosed and the treatment hasn't worked, up to a year has passed since onset of symptoms.

If you aren't getting better - go back to the doctor. You might want to consult with an ob/gyn about your symptoms and have them do an imaging study (usually they start with an abdominal ultrasound, which isn't a big deal at all). However be aware - endometrial cysts rarely show in imaging studies. They will, however, rule out some other gynecological issues rather quickly.

Good luck - being sick chronically is miserable and debilitating. I've been dealing with what's wrong since August, fully expecting an ovarian cancer diagnosis next month.