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I'm starting to potty train my 2 year old daughter and today she went to the potty and passed a clear gel like substance in her urine. I've seen it in her diaper before but thought it was the gel in the diaper that absorbs the urine but now i saw it was in her potty. I'm really concerned and i don't know what it is. I'v gone to dozens of websites and talked to a lot of people but i haven't taken her to her doctor because everyone keeps telling me its nothing to be concerned about that it might be antibiotics since she recently had the flu or maybe it could be mucus but don't think its any of that. Does anybody have the same problem and can help me out please?   :'(


HI, I am a 12 year old cousin of 3 and sister of a different 3. I too have found this in diapers, so I thought that it was from diapers, up until you said it was in her potty. I have no intentions of plagiarizing, but I found this. Hope it will help!;-) 

Quota from "urachal_cyst"

"The first two posters gave good advice. I have some experience working with super absorbant polymer, and it indeed appears as clear jelly. 

However, I'll add another thought, in case the jelly-like symptoms have persisted after you've ruled out an issue with her diapers. I am a 28 year old male and I was recently passing jelly in my urine. Often times it was clear jelly, although it was also sometimes a brownish color. I was recently diagnosed with a urachal cyst (a cyst on a specific part of my bladder). Urachal cysts are quite rare, but sometimes can drain into the bladder. This cyst-drainage can be a jelly. If your daughter's condition has not resolved, I'd encourage you to take her to see a doctor. Primary care doctors do not always know what a urachal cyst is, because it is so rare. However, urologists are aware of the condition. If a primary care doctor rules out other conditions, see a urologist. My cyst was diagnosed by a urologist during a cystoscopy. I recently had it surgically removed to prevent it from turning into a cancer. 

Again, a urachal cyst is an unlikely explanation for your daughter. However, I wanted to put it out there for you or any other people looking for this type of medical information. I had trouble locating any information about passing jelly in my urine and hope to help others with similar symptoms get properly diagnosed."