had unprotected sex 7 days ago exactly oct.28,2013 now we are nov.4,2013,how long would genital herpes happen if i had herpes on my genitals,at the same time had oral sex done on her down there and kissing.she has a cold sore on her mouth lips but not sure if she had in her vagina or labia .She tells me she is clean with no disease.

i saw a doctor today nov.4,2013 who saw 2 cold sores inside my mouth but didnt see any on my penis or scrotum,i have a small rash or irritation on my penis glan below the penis head but no pimples anywhere,he prescribed me to take valtrex 500mg x4 immediate and then valtrex 500mg x4 12 hours later,for the mouth cold sores(herpes).Now will this help if i get genital herpes.