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I'm a 37 year old male with stomach issues. I won't bore will all details, so I'll make it easy. I was diagnosed last May 2008 with a bad case of acid reflux/GERD. Took Nexium 40mg.1x daily for 3 months. Insurance stopped covering Nexium. Now 9 months later I'm hurting more than ever before. Here are my symptoms:

1. Abdominal pain - seems different places at different times. like little fires under my skin.
2. Chest pain- mostly on left side under the edge of my rib where the esophagus and stomach connect.
3. Throat is raspy and I have a faint taste of blood sometimes.
4. stomach growls all the time.
5. has two spasms under left rib where stomach is located.
6. loss of appetite.
7. Been diagnosed with anxiety which I know is bad for the stomach.

I DO NOT have these symptoms:
1. No headaches
2. No fevers
3. No Chills
4. No nausea
5. No vomitting
6. stools are regular

If anyone has/had the same symptoms and could possibly help I would appreciate it very much. I just recently was layed off and I don't have health insurance and I'm a single father of four who are also very worried. So every little bit of info helps! Thanks, Bobby


Reflux gets my vote. I know several people with the exact same symptoms and the exact same diagnosis as you. The medicine and dietary considerations are your answer, from my perspective. You have an enormous amount on your! I can relate as a single mom...There is affordable medical coverage now, especially since the new legislation passed on April 1. Do you know about that?


I have had similar and was also told I had very serious anxiety too. I go to a good gastroenterologist but it is hard to have ANY permanent comfort with untreated general anxiety disorder and panic disorder. I've had the endoscopy and a sonogram. They've found healing stomach lining (from mild gastritis) and my stomach and my stomach seems to have rotated a bit. If when you're at rest and you feel better resting, it's probably a perpetual psychological/physical stress reaction. I was told to take Prilosec (as directed) OR 25mg of omeprazole (as directed) both at your neighborhood drug store chain. You might hve to reach into those pockets and figure out how to relieve yourself. There's lots of tips online too. TRY to be selective about what you eat, keep meals frequent and very small. Stress seems to increase stomach acid ridiculously. It's easy for me to overeat due to my stress response. Drink lots of water. Try yoga. Try to get 8 hours of sleep.