Hi all,

I have been experiencing trapped, loud gas for about 3 months now. I'm assuming it's gas because I can feel it moving around my entire abdomen and it makes really loud noise and sometimes I can force the noise by pushing my stomach in and out. I sometimes feel it in my back and it's hard to pass gas and I burp it out when I can't. It was getting super uncomfortable, especially going to bed at night, and I was starting to get worried because I was also starting to experience pain in the middle, upper abdomen area below my sternum/breast bone so I went to the doctor. He prescribed me Omeprazole and said to come back in a few weeks if the medication doesn't work, so as of the time I am writing this, I am 3 days in with the 14-day medication plan. I know that Omeprazole is an acid reflux medication because I was suffering with GERD for about a year before this started happening, and it's done nothing for me so far. I think I've just experienced more acid reflux since I started taking the medication. I also haven't had my period for this month so that's another (maybe not relative) symptom.

I have extreme health anxiety so of course I Googled all my symptoms and while it could just be an ulcer or gastritis, I read one of the beginning symptoms of stomach cancer is the upper abdominal pain I feel.

I'm wondering if anyone either knows what my symptoms are OR if the gas is also another big symptom of cancer...?? Please let me know! Super appreciated!!