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This is kinda hard to say im sure this happens but i get erections easily when im with my girl we dont have sex but if im just touching her or kissing it goes up easily and its very annoying. Is this normal or common with men and is there something i could do to fix it so it doesnt happen or so i can keep it under control ?


Bless your heart!

It may (or may not) help to know how old you are. Without knowing this, The answer could be one of many. Young men exploring relationships for the fist time WILL experience erections FREQUENTLY even at the slightest breeze. This is soooooo normal and healthy. Older men can control it a little better even though they dont want to admit it. How they do it Im not sure.

The fact that you think it is annoying and that you want to try to control it suggests that you are clearly not ready (at least) emotionally to participate in the act of sexual intercourse. Does it bother your girlfriend? Is she even aware of it? If not then try not to let it weigh heavily on your mind. You may even experience some pre-ejaculation (at any age). That may cause a little wet spot and can be embarrasing I assume. Hopefully if your girlfriend is aware of it then she doesnt make a big deal out of it. If it comes up (no pun intended) then maybe you guys can chat/joke even that it is totally natural. Trust me, she is experiencing her own hormonal imbalances too. However they are not so obvious.

I donot suggest that you start to think about your grandma or something gross like that to try to control it unless you want to be in counselling for the rest of your life. I do think that you should find a trusted older male role model (if youre a youngun) that you can ask for more assistance. At the very least, it can never hurt to chat about it with your girlfriend. I know it can be hard to get past the fluttering heart and butterflies in the stomach but it may show her that she is important to you more than just sexually. Any girl at any age wants to know that she is important to her guy. And start the chat with that statement. It may sound cheesy but guys Im telling you this; for the rest of your life your girlfriends will ask you 'what youre thinkin' or 'what are you feeling' and the earlier you learn to answer them the better your life will be.

A girls vantage point can be just as helpful as a mans. All girls are not the same but we are very similar. I hope a guy comes along and gives you another (insightful, responsible) answer or suggestion and good luck to you!