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ok i have soooo many problems but i surpose the problem that is most efecting my life is that i get erections way too easily, iam 14 and my freinds are trying to help me with my love life my making me touching a girls tits, ok i have good freinds male and female and the females dont mind but i carnt do it coz i no if i do ill get an erection, i keep telling them its because iam too nervus because i once tryed to talk to on1 of them about it and just said that they didnt no what to do coz they didnt have the same problem........does anyone no how to stop getting erections easily.

ps i can get erections just from hugging for 4 long(i no tis bad)


Enjoy it while you can, cause it all slows down in later life.

At age 14, even the wind blowing can trigger an erection.

There is no means of preventing them, except for training your mind to ignor sexual stimuli and keeping things rated G.

As for friends trying to help you by getting you to touch girls' breasts... I don't understand why they think that might help you.

It's up to the individual to decide what is appropriate for them and their date at the time. Not for friends to decide for you.

Talk with the girl. See IF she wants that. Your erection is a natural and normal response to such behavior.

Don't be upset by it. Just aware of it.
Just because you become erect doesn't mean that you need to act on it in any way. Remember that. It WILL pass.... it always does...


Relax man! You are TOTALLY a normal 14 year old. Every guy your age gets erections all the time, often for no reason at all - and usually when you most likely don't want one. the situations you describe (touching a girl's breasts, etc) you are absolutely going to get one. Your body is doing exactly what it should do in that situation.

The only suggestion that MAY help from getting them so easily, is to masturbate right before you know you will be in one of these situations if possible. That may slow down the process of getting an erection, and make them occur a little less frequently for a short period of time.

But when it comes down to you - that is what happens to kids your age - and it is completely normal, so I don't think it is something to be concerned about. Good luck with it dude - keeps us posted!