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I'm 16 years old and I've been having some questions. Lately, I have been having weird erections over people from the same sex, I also enjoy watching muscular men wrestling and posing, but none of that kissing/touching part. I also rarely get erections when I'm around girls even thought I talk to them easily, and I am not easily aroused by naked girls. I was just wondering if that all indicates that I'm gay, because I am totally against it and I would like to be straight, maybe even get an erection to a girl every now and then? I would also like to add that I'm the only brother to 4 sisters, does that mean anything? I also have some "feelings" towards girls, but no erections.
Was just wondering if there is any help out there. Thanks a lot.


You may be experiencing a kind of sexual jealousy. Not many teenagers get it, but it does happen to a few. What happens is you get sexually aroused by members of your own gender who encompass the kind of person you want to look like.

You say that you have feelings for girls. Do you have any of the same feelings for boys? If not, this is what I suspect it is. If so, accept who you are. The teenaged years were awkward for all of us, so don't worry about not being as strong or handsome as some other guys. You'll grow into it soon enough.