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I’m trying to finally get off Suboxone - I’ve been on 4mg for about a half a year now. All in all I’ve been on Suboxone for two years and I feel like now I’m basically only psychologically addicted (besides the real Suboxone physical addiction) and I feel like I’m ready to kick this drug out of my life, too.

I went through cold turkey withdrawal before and I now how horrifyingly bad it can get, but I came across info about blood pressure medication Clonidine which is used in detox clinic. What I want to know is - does Clonidine work with Suboxone withdrawals, too? Can I get Clonidine on prescription?



yes, you should be able to get Clonidine on prescription without any major issues. The only thing that your doctor will consider is the fact that Clonidine is blood pressure lowering medication, so it can bring your blood pressure dangerously low if it's not monitored.

A friend of mine used Clonidine quite successfully to get off the last 2mg of Suboxone, without any side effects besides what Withdrawal itself does to your body. So, talk to your doctor - Clonidine won't magically take away all withdrawal symptoms, but it will be much more tolerable.