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I’m currently on Suboxone, but I’d really want to stop taking it because not only is it financially draining but also because I feel it did its job in helping me get out of the whole situation where I would use heroin and I’m not around those people anymore.

I’ve been researching a bit on best way to go about quitting Suboxone and I found out that Clonidine helps a lot when you go cold turkey, but if anyone is in similar situation, could you tell me is it dangerous to use Suboxone and Clonidine at the same time?



Clonidine is medication used for lowering high blood pressure, so one major danger you might face is that if you already have too low blood pressure, Clonidine might make it spike even more. But that's easily determined when you see your physician who'll prescribe you Clonidine, and if you want to be on the safe side, if you don't already own one, home blood pressure monitor is relatively cheap at any pharmacy (mine was $30).

Other than this, there are no major interactions between Clonidine and Suboxone.