A 5-year-old girl came to the Little Angel Dental office in the Little Village neighborhood to have two cavities filled and caps put on some of the lower teeth. Before the procedure she was given a liquid sedative, nitrous oxide and intravenous sedation. During the procedure she stopped breathing. When her mother walked in the office, the girl was not moving, her head was rolled back and her eyes at the back of the head. Ambulance arrived shortly after.

On the way to the Children's Memorial Hospital she suffered organ damage and lost her consciousness. The little girl died in the hospital.

There are still no details available about the cause of the death. The Judge who will be in charge of this case asked for all the recorders to be preserved as well as the equipment used in the anesthesia. The girl’s parents also asked for the names of all employees who worked that day at the Little Angel Dental office.

Tom Prindable, the family's attorney, stated that the girl did not get the proper care and that she was either over-sedated or badly monitored during the procedure and while being under anesthesia. However, they haven’t filed a lawsuit yet.

Staff from the Little Angel Dental office is fully cooperating with the investigators and have aborted all intravenous sedation procedures.