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My uncle has just been diagnosed with High Grade Glial Neoplasm, Small Cell Astroicytoma, Grade IV. Can anyone help shed some light on this matter. I have read many sites with various and conflicting information. So far I am getting that he will not live long and there is not a cure. The doctors have been short with the information as they mis-diagnosed him with another type of cancer 3 weeks ago.

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Glial neoplasm is also known as Glial tumor and in some cases this is very serious cancer. This tumor affects the central nervous system. This term is also used for several variations of the tumor. I know that gliblastoma multiforme is one of the most common and most aggressive malignant tumors of the brain. What did his doctor tell him? I know that there are several ways to treat this tumor and in some cases the surgery is the best possible option. If you could tell us more information about his condition we might be able to tell you more about the condition. I hope this helped in any way.


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