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Hi all, i am a 35 years old male, i smoke a lot, quit drinking alcohol in 2003 and i also have a little enlarged liver...the doctor says that is nothing to worry about since it didn't change in 10 years. I live in NYC. I consider my self eating healthy since i eat a lot of fruit but i also eat meats, cakes and stuff. The only problem i see is i dont eat regularly, sometimes i go the whole day hungry then eat in the evening, out of laziness...i will just have some fruit during the day and i also have Kidney Stones, 2 passed already. Ok, back to my question:
In 2004 the first time i experience a sensation of DYING, it scared the hell outa me, went emergency and they told me everything is ok, just my heart was a little fast and that was it. I went back home, i felt scared and weird sensation for like a month after and totally forgot about it. Then 2006 came, one morning after breakfast and a redbull i layed back and watched tv and all of a sudden i am dying...sinking in the bed it self...called my aunt to say GoodBye and ended up emergency...i didnt die. 17 times in the emergency room in 2 weeks, noone knows what the hell is wrong with the end the cleaning lady saw me smoking outside and approaced me saying: You are having panic attacks arent you...i am like WHAT? I dont know what that is...she said: well i see you here for 2 weeks almost everyday and you just walking around like crazy and smoking, i am sure you are having panic went on from there...they kinda diagnozed me with Anxiety and Panic Attacks and i started researching on it and i kinda convinced my self thats what it few self help books, some Angella Basset stuff, some Saint John's Worth Tea e tc..months later, over half a year and i started feeling ok but once in few months i would feel scared. This year last June, after a whole day on the sun (109 degrees) the hottest one this year doing some construction was waiting for my GF at a bus station and all of a sudden i am having a heart attack...we went into CVS called 911 the lady told me take some Aspiring there then she said NO the medics are comming...they came, took me to hospital, EKG, Blood this and that...nothing wrong with me...ok...and i started going downwards in my moods...weak, sad, scared. Went to doctors, did even Stress test, chest xRays and all kind of stuff, everything PERFECT!!! My doctors said this is all due to anxiety...WOW! My mood changed and i was perfect and happy. Just few weird feelings here and there but generally i was perfect and oh...10 MG LEXAPRO...after 3 months of Lexa she switched me to Celexa and started feeling weird after that but got back to normal. Since last week, begining of December she switched me back to 10MG Lexa and also 2 weeks ago i had Abdomenal Sonogram...where i found out my liver is still englarged a little but nothing to worry about. That was Thursday and then on Friday the next day at work (evening shift) i started feeling weak and dizzy (but what defines dizzy?) its weird, lightheaded, my left ear like a bird was flying by, not noises but like WUUUU like heartbeats...and a sensation from the back of my head like something pushes me forward and i'll fall but i some electric ZAP. 11PM cam i took my regular Lexapro and after that i felt ok...which makes me think that the new about my lived being enlarged it trigered all this c**p again...keep in mind that my blood pressure is always low, 90-100 over 65-70 usually. The last 3 months i've been seeing a psychologist, just talking therapy and i dont know she is convincing that its panick attacks and stuff which makes me feel better. I am a person that is worried as hell about my health, not diagnosed with Hypochondria but i am worst then that, every little itch and ache and whatever makes me thing i have tumor, cancer, MS, i am dying, heartattack, stroke and everything...THIS IS LIVING IN TEROR! Worst then being really SICK!!!! And once in a while symptoms change, one season is short of breath, then there is a season of HearAttacks, then there is a season of Sinking and all kinds of stuff...and most of the time is my FRED SANFORD quotation THIS IS THE BIGGEST ONE EVER at which my girlfriend laughs...i usually do sound like him.

Anyone to share some opinions? I would greatly appreceate and it might help me in my struggle.
Sorry for the long rant but i thought it would help to get a better picture.

Thank you All and Happy Holidays!!!


Dont worry you are truly not alone. I have attempted to make several doctor appointments for fears of heart conditions cancer, or some kind of tumor. For awhile i thought i really had the plague.

Having anxiety my whole life has really opened my eyes, though i have actually learned a lot about diffferent types of disorders, and have been able to tell when its just my anxiety.

The best thing you can do is go to therapy, i really suggest it more so if you are going already, as well as getting on the right medicine, anxiety can be fought off with determination. Try to get to the source of your stress that is bringing on anxiety its your best chance to have a fight against it. Sometimes deep breathing and telling myself im going to be okay really helps. As well as getting my mind off of it by doing such things as a computer game, or a board game, taking walks aren't a really good idea for when you are having an anxiety attack as you will have more time to think.

Proper exercise and eating right also play a big role in this. Try getting some regular exercise if you aren't already and make sure you are getting the proper nutrients in your system, that can help fight off these bad feelings. Healthy body, healthy mind.

Good luck!


simbaKD is right you are notr alone, i am a 23 yr old female i have been battling crippling anxiety since about 17 yrs old i have severe hypochondria i had a ton of tests ran on my heart and they said it was fine and i dont believe the drs! i just had a baby 2 weeks ago so i am going to my primary physician thursday to get treated for this horrible sickness i call it, i suffered a mental breakdown due to all the panicking i did during my nine months of pregnancy off meds but the best regimen that worked for me was prozac and xanax. are you taking a benzo for your panic attacks? they work wonders.



I had all sorts of panic attacks till a month ago for many years.
about 2 months ago, I found out that I had low vitamin D3 levels.
After receiving 2 injections of vitamin D3, I was cured. Ask your doctor to prescribe this test for you. It is proven that low D3 causes anxiety, and depression.

smoking, drinking, caffeine are all trigger factors to start a panic attack in people who are prone to this problem. Give up smoking, do not drink all sorts of liquids with high levels of caffeine in them. Choclates included in your forbidden foods.

Best regards,


Hello there,

I normally just read the forums and never EVER post. But I wanted to thank you for your post! It is really nice to not feel alone with anxiety/Panic attacks. They are by far THE WORST feeling in the world. I am a 37 year old female and experienced these symptoms for the first time after a serious car accident (head injury) when I was 17 years old.

Your famous saying is 'This is the BIGGEST one EVER" mine is similar it is "But these symptoms are different". I have had several tests ran as well, with nothing showing up. I have heart palpitations, WHICH scare the HELL out of me, because of this I have put on 40lbs, because I am scared to exercise I think im going to die. For 20 years it it has been this way.

The only thing I can tell you is please get the help you need. I am still searching for help, without any luck. I am confined in my house, and have to load up on xanex to even go to the store. The FEAR of DEATH is the scariest feeling in the world. In reality you really are not even living. I have been unable to work, unable to go to my children's sporting events. This is NOT a fear I would wish on my worst enemy.

Your post gives me somewhat a peaceful feeling inside. I have not found a post like this in the 20 years I have had this issue. Thank you for lighting up my day.