Hi! I'm 19 and I got my tonsils out 8 days ago. Days 1-3 weren't too bad which made me think this would be a breeze. Man was I wrong! I woke up day 4 in terrible pain and it got better as the day went on. Woke up on day six and the pain was worse. Even worse than that one of my pain meds was out of stock for two days. So I was down Advil and every three hours I was alternating between OxyContin (instead of liquid advil) and liquid Tylenol. Day 7 wake up in tremendous pain (my alarms didn't go off to take my meds) I took Oxy right away and the pain got under control again after a while but as the day went on the pain meds started to barely help. The pain is terrible. I've forced myself to drink water and found if I lay in a good position and don't move it helps with the horrendous pain.  My scabs just started coming off along with a little bit of bleeding so I'm hoping for better days to come during this recovery! Good luck to anyone else going through this too!