Hi, im 16 years old and i had my tonsils removed on Wednesday 11th Gebruary 2015, its now Tuesday 17th so that put me on day 6 (including surgery day) This has been one of the toughest things iv ever experienced and i have to say, i would not have ever gone through with this operation if i knew the amount of pain it would cause me. On a pain rating, my days were quite up and down really and some were excrutiating while some were only mild. I realise i am not even over the worst of it yet but here is the experience i have had so far: DAY 1: (surgery day) Ofcourse i had never had an operation before this so i was nervous and feeling very anxious anyway but i put that all aside and focused on getting them out to hope it would help in the long run. When i came round from the anaesthetic i wasnt in a great deal of pain, just like a sore throat. I ate a digestive biscuit and some ice cream then was discharged 3 hours later. When arriving home i ate maccaroni cheese and for dinner i had some cauliflower cheese which all wasnt too painful. I managed to sleep alot throughout this day and night too. DAY 2: Woke up extra early due to pain in my throat, it felt like more of a muscle strain now. At this point i was taking my pain killers religiously ever 3-4 hours to make sure it didnt hit me hard. I managed to eat abit of maccaroni cheese again but this time only a few mouthfuls. Sucking on ice helped me get through this day as it numbed me up abit. Bu time evening came, i fell extremely sick and was having pulpatations. I soon realised this was because i had taken pain killers on an empty stoumach. Not a good idea!! DAY 3: Now the pain kicks in, bad! I dont even know how to describe it, but it hurt!!! I could only hold my head in a certain position as it would put too much strain on my neck otherwise and i just felt like i had constant pressure on my throat and could barely swallow. I made sure i kept hydrated and kept taking gulps of water (gulps are suprisingly easier than sips) I didnt eat atall this day so didnt take pain killers full stop, which probably didnt help thinking back. DAY 4: I couldnt say a word all day this day and pain was getting increasingly worse. I didnt sleep throughout the night and just laid and cried (even that hurt too much) I literally didnt sleep atall this night and just sat up on my phone trying to distract myself. Again, no food or pain killers all day. Just water to keep hydrated! DAY 5: Just when i thought things couldnt get any worse, things took a turn again. Pain!!! I didnt sleep atall and was in absolute agony, when i cleared my nose (not blowing it) i noticed slight blood, which is normal. I also had back pain and a stiff neck. When i looked in my throat i noticed the "scabs" had gone a green colour. I was rushed to a variety of hospitals and was forced to try and speak a few words to many nurses and doctors and after spending all day in hospitals and waiting rooms, i was finally let home that night with a course of antibiotics, told that the pain should start to clear in 24 hours. DAY 6: Woke up lots in the night, again entertaining myself with my phone, in agony! All that was keeping me going was thinking that the antibiotics would help me soon. I did infact manage to eat half a tin of chicken soup in the morning and half a tin of tomato soup in the evening and for once, i actually felt hungry. Which meant i may finally be getting my appetite bach, yay!! Haha. I carried on taking my antibiotics hoping they would soon kick in and i managed to say a few words. TODAY: So its the morning of Day 7 (not sure how that works out) but i was up in the night in excruciating pain and it literally feels like someone is pushing their thumbs into my wounds right now!! I have looked at my throat again today and taken pictures and comparing it to yesterday, it looks as though the sabs are going so i think this may be the final start of recovery!!!! Onwards and upwards with a little bit of luck... Please reply with you experiences and let me know how you got on, i definitely would not with this pain on my worst enemy and i have heard people say its worse than childbirth (thats put me off of having children) haha. I also know people say you feel 100x better on Day 10 so im telling myself "Only 3 more days of hell" Good luck everyone!!