1st of all my doctor did not lie to me at all. This is the most excusuciating pain of my life. I am 40 had 2 kids…my first one the labor lasted 2 days the second was 10 lbs, so just think about that for a minute. I know I needed to have this Tonsillectomy done. I had put it off for several years, but kept having strep throat, ear infections and was on antibiotic constantly.

Day 1-Tuesday, I didn’t go to sleep all night I was so nervous and I figured I could sleep afterwards. I got to the hospital at 6am and went in to get prep right away. I was still very apprehensive of the whole thing. I got dressed and ready my husband came in and then they wheeled me off. I waited for my doctor in a holding area and the anesthesiologist and doctor came to check on me. The nurse came and took me into the room and the anesthesiologist said just relax. Next thing I know I woke up yelling at the top of my lungs “I changed my mind”. The nurses calmed me down and said it was over and that the yelling would really cause pain…NO JOKE!!! They keep me only a few hours and sent me home with lots of pain meds and antibiotics.

Day 2-Wednesday, I don’t remember much of the day just lots of ice and popsicles. I hurt so bad. I woke up every 1 ½ like clockwork for my meds. I really hate when you wake up and you feel like your throat is full of cotton. I actually ask my husband, “did they dislocate my tongue?” I was out of it.

Day 3, Thursday, I woke up and thought I was dying. My tongue is so sore and my ears are killing me. My teenager is less than cooperative and when I try to talk to him he just says “I can’t hear you. Can you talk up” not a day for this. I am sooooo tired of popsicles. I just want to fast forward a week or two...

Day 4, Friday, I thought today would be better…I was delusional. I made myself get a shower. I had to call my mom because I thought they would find me dead on the floor. She called the doctor and checked my b/p. I was so dizzy and sick to my stomach. Today is the homecoming basketball game and I want to go. I get ready, take lots of meds and my husband helps me out. The time the game is over I have managed to keep drinking but I was so drugged up I don’t remember the game, I get home and I am starving. More popsicles and I try broth. In the middle of the night...some pudding.

Day 5, Saturday, homecoming dance is tonight. My husband tells me family is coming over….I just want to be alone and die. I eat more popsicles, take more meds and suck it up. My ears hurt so bad and my tongue is still sore. Worst taste in my mouth, brushing don’t seem to help. I am so hungry my husband makes some eggs and I choke them down. I eat a few bites of the inside of a biscuit….I pay for it latter. The pain is intense. I text my parents down the street while my family sleeps. I woke up and there was a blood clot when I coughed. My dad ran to the store and got a hot air vaporizer and builds me a tent to keep the air most in my throat. It does help. I hope if you are reading this you get the hot air vaporizer from the beginning!

Day 6, Sunday, My husband is back to work. I did get some sleep in the “tent” I manage to eat jello, popsicles, pudding, and broth today. This is the best diet…I am trying to find the positive. I also realize I go back to work Thursday…I have no idea how I will be able to. My job I talk with Vets and work 10 hour days, 4 days a week. I don’t do much other than rest at home. I am really scared this recovery is taking longer than I thought. I need to see if I have more sick days to take off.

Day 7, Monday...more to come