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I have a very hard lump under my chin, right in the softspot. It does not move around, and it is very painful. I also have a lump towards the bottom of my chin, which at first seemed like a pimple but proved not to be, and swelled up. This lump too, is also painful. I have had this happen before, and the two lumps came together, like this time. I read online of people having the lump under the chin and it could be a possible infected submental lymph node, that they got it in unison with a cold sore. I am very prone to cold sores, however I do not get this lump when I have a cold sore, but when I get this other lump on my chin.

Any idea what it could be, and/or how to treat it?


I have a rule for lumps: if you have one, go to the doctor. If it doesn't move around, I suspect that it's more than likely to be cystic acne, which does not come to a head. But don't take a chance with this sort of thing. I would have it checked. Are you able to do that? My vote goes for cystic acne.