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I have a hard lump on my chin. It is very painful! I was just laying on my bed, nothing on me, no bugs, nothing that I'm alergic to, and all of a sudden a painful strike went up my chin! It felt like something was poping out. When I touched it, a HUGE lump appeared on it! It was enough pain to make me tear up. I took benadrill and Advil and nothing happened. My family has a bit of medical history (i.e. holes in hearts, Parkinson's disease, mental retardation, I'm missing a tendon from my thumb knuckle). Ohhh, it hurts!!!



how big exactly is this lump? If it's around the size of a bigger pimple, then you might just be having a very painful under skin pimple. It might been triggered by your touch, because the pressure under skin was too big and it would happen anyway - it would get swollen in the morning, most probably.

However, if you don't notice any changes, or the lump starts to hurt even more, than you might have to see a dermatologist, possibly because one or more pores got inflamed,

Wish you all the best,