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This isn't just a blog about a person who hates and slates weed, my view is unbiased and views weed from both good and bad aspects rather than a person just slating the negative effects of weed. I've spent many nights looking online at effects of weed in forums and blogs and always come across the people who disagree completely with weed and judge people who smoke, and this post is completely different to those narrow minded people.

I understand how people can smoke weed regularly their whole life but this post is my view on weed from personal experience.

I have given weed up now for over a month and I'm planning on it staying that way because of the damage it has caused to my mental health, ambition and social life. However I will never regret smoking weed because it provided some of the best times of my life, changed my whole perception on life completely (in a good way), made me more spiritual, realise the important points of life and formed friendships with some of the best friends I know. 

Before August I was involved with heavy smoking of weed for nearly 3 years, I am 18 and I first started smoking weed when I was around 13/14. But the last 3 years smoking weed constantly nearly every day or every other day without a break longer than a week. Towards the end of my smoking I was involved with minor depression and this consisted of being self conscious with myself, the way I look, the way I act and how my friends and other people perceived me. I became anxious and paranoid every time I was stoned. This came only 4/5 months before I gave up. The first couple of year smoking weed I enjoyed every joint i smoked and every time I was stoned but it became horrible towards the end. 

Throughout the day I was constantly tired and fatigued which lead to poor school results when I knew I could have done a whole much better. I started hating a few of my friends because of their attitude and this was stuck in my mind almost all day every day and I would constantly be over thinking in my head every minute of the day. While I was stoned with my friends I started to less and less enjoy the day and often feel depressed and I wouldn't enjoyed the day when a year ago It would have been the best day of my life.

Me and my group of friends started becoming centered around weed, it was always the motive of the day and people become sneaky and would only care about weed. I started to over think and become anxious about myself, other characteristics that I noticed in myself was I became less sharp and massively unconfident in my self. I did not believe in myself at all, I thought i wasn't funny or interesting, I thought I was a lot less smarter than I was and thought my friends perceived me unfunny and stupid. There are so many other factors that I noticed in myself though, mainly to do with minor depression, anxiety, paranoia and lower confidence and lowered inhibitions. When I was stoned all i wanted to do was to just mong out and be in the state forever not believing I could do anything with my life. It got to a point that I believed that weed was the man factor of all these mental problems and perceptions of myself, and weed relaxes you so much that too a point you don't want to be involved with people or conflict at all. I would spend less time with my family as I was too stoned and paranoid to talk to them. I got to a point where one day I was about to smoke a joint and just gave it away, sold all of my rolling sh*t, grinders, cleared places where I stash my stuff and give up for good. Or to at least smoke once every couple of months. 

After over a month I notice the benefits and difference in my health and mind. Such as:

More confident with myself

Actually involve myself with tasks rather than avoiding them

Happier enlightend mood

Enjoy days more than I usually do

Feel better by the end of the day

Activeness and joy during the day

Realising the important things in life

Breathing better

Increased sharpness and dexterity

More articulate

Less hungry

Deeper involvement with others

Stronger conversations

Increased energy levels

Can control stress and not avoid it

No social anxiety


increased drive, motivation and ambition for what I want to do in life

More belief in myself

Clearer mind

No fear or insecurity


So I advise people who WANT to give up weed to read forums such as this and speak to people who have experienced episodes such as mine and to give up weed, maybe not forever but for a while as it really does clear your mind. I don't mean to be obnoxious and judge people who do, I love weed and sh*t like this doesn't always effect most people and you can live a normal healthy life smoking weed but if you have these feelings of depression and paranoia give it up for a while to restore your mental health.

Thank you if you even bothered reading this or replying but I wrote this to see if there was any other people experiencing problems such as mine


i can relate to this 100%. Riding the roller coaster as we speak. The benefits of either quitting or "taking a break" are undeniable. Day 4 for me no herb. Lots of anxiety and sweating during day, especially at work. Feeling better each day.


I'm 22 and agree with this 100% everything you wrote is spot on with my experience


In some ways your right and some your wrong. You began smoking at a young age so that hindered your ability to mature with a sober mind meaning your brain wanted to stay the same. Most people start at 17 or 18 smoking and already have an open eye to what the world will bring them. I respect your opinion but you are far to young to preach to others long term effects of pot. You are still a young adult and your brain is still adapting.


It's been over an year since you left weed...there is a question from me to you.....did you start getting stoned again in this one year...if not how did you cope with the cravings....