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I work in a produce dept. and had direct contact with hundreds of bags of spinich (fresh bunches as well) during the recall process...Today, (a few days after exposure) I awopke with a crampy tummy and diarreha.. could I have E.coli?


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The most common symptom of E. coli is bloody diarrhea but cramping in the lower stomach and diarrhea do sound like some kind of stomach virus. E. coli does start with a watery diarrhea but turns into bloody the following day.

I am not certain that you could have contracted the bacteria that way, it is usually contracted by eating and drinking contaminated foods and water, by swimming in contaminated water and it could be passed from human to human.

In order to diagnose E.coli infection, you need to have your stool examined. There are no specific treatments, it is like with any other stomach viral/bacterial infection. You should rest, drink a lot of fluids and it should go away in a few days’ time.