Hello everyone. To those of you interested in hearing my long story, I would just like to know your thoughts on whether you feel this is likely UC, IBS, or neither.

It all started about a month ago. Fever, fatigue, CONSTANT diarrhea, tenesmus, you name it. The diarrhea was very frequent, 7-8 times a day and nights. It was horrible to say the least. Sometimes it would seem as if I needed to go but nothing would come out. Eventually, the fever went away and so did the fatigue. Suddenly, I had a nasty bout of bloody diarrhea. I went to the doctors, and he suspected either a bacterial infection or just an irritated butt from my constant diarrhea. The tests came back negative for the 3 bacteria he ordered it tested for (Yersinia, E coli, and Campylobacter). My bloody diarrhea eventually went away, and then so did my diarrhea.

In the weeks following, I was feeling great. The only symptom that really concerned me was my constant stomach/bowel growling. It was as if my bowel was still irritated from the disease or something. Asside from this, I had no other symptoms and I felt fine. I could hangout with my friends all day and have no need to go to the bathroom. My bowel cooperated with me and I only needed to go when I was at home.

Recently however, I've noticed a small amount of blood in my stool, with a small amount of mucus. I STILL feel fine, but my stomach growling hasn't stopped yet. I literally have no other symptoms, no abdominal pain, no fatigue, no urgency, and my diarrhea has been long gone. If it weren't for my stomach growling at me, I probably wouldn't be paying enough attention to my stool to even notice the small amounts of blood and mucus in it.

Needless to say, the whole thing has gotten me stressed out like crazy. UC is literally the last thing I need to deal with now in life with all the family problems I've been having. I don't know whats wrong with me if anything, or if I'm simply overreacting. My doctor hasn't mentioned UC to me despite the results for bacteria coming back negative. Going back to the doctors again would be a hassle because my mom has been very busy lately.

I'm 17 if any of you guys are wondering. I would just like your thoughts on this whole thing. Do you feel like I'm just overreacting, or if UC is a likely possibility at this point? If not UC, possibly IBS? The rest of my body feels fine, and its as if everything in my body has moved on from this "infection" except for my bowel, which continues to growl and rumble.