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The other day while driving I went to turn the steering wheel and all of a sudden my shoulder kind of popped out and locked up. It popped back in but since then I have had pain from my left shoulder all the way down to my elbow. Can anyone tell me what I might have done and how I can relieve the pain?



It seems as though you have dislocated your shoulder but I’m not so sure you managed to get it back in place correctly because usually pain subsides after the bones get back in place. You’ll need to see a doctor – he needs to make sure that there are no complications like torn tissue or injured ligaments, and of course, to get the bone back in place. In the meantime, putting some ice on your shoulder helps reduce inflammation and pain. Use a cold pack, a bag of frozen vegetables or a towel filled with ice cubes for 15 to 20 minutes at a time and do this every couple of hours. And visit the doctor as soon as you can.