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If this helps, here is the story.

I was in school playing a game that involves sprinting and throwing a ball into a trashcan. I was chasing a kid who had the ball when another kid ran right in front of me. I couldn't stop nearly in time so my shoulder slammed right into him. Now it is hurting. I can't really move it far at all in any direction without feeling a sharp pain. By the way, I am only 14, so I probably sound stupid asking because this is probably obvious.


Hi honey! It doesn't sound stupid at all, i would say that you have dislocated your shoulder OR it was and popped back in, causing a rotator cuff injury! Either way you need to go and get it Xrayed and to see if it has gone back in correctly! You might need a sling - BUT keep your arm moving with physio as there is something called "Frozen Shoulder" and that pain is the WORST! It is muscle atrophy! So get checked out OK? Also hot and cold compresses are great for your shoulder - like a back of peas! And also Ibuprofen for pain! Good luck honey and let me know how you make Out OK?