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So I'm a very active person and play tons of sports, but like three days ago I pulled my shoulder.  It was a throbbing pain just above my armpit but I had a Badmiton game the next day so I streached it out and moved on.  It went away but today I noticed a weird bump about an inch above my collar bone on the right side.  I can feel it move when I press it and it hurts a ton! Though it doesn't hurt unless I streach my neck and arm or if I touch it.  Is the shoulder strain connected to the bump? Should I be worried?? I really need to know because if it is something serious I want to take care of it before it affects my sports anymore!


It could be a number of things. You should go to the doctor. I would guess it was separated or you tore your rotator cuff. If I were you I would cross my fingers it wasn't the latter. It could also just be a dislocated shoulder or even a torn ligament. It's hard to say without all the details. You should look up all those and see which description matches your symptoms the most. Best of luck.