Hi, I had to go for an abortion late year July' 2015 and after that my periods became very irregular. So I was sent to fertility specialist and he suggested me to take letrozole when my period starts 3-7 days and he confirmed ovulation i had the ovarian trigger shot. I just tried for a month and happened to move out of state on work purpose. may be due to travel or I am not sure I got my periods then for 2 months I dint get chance to take letrozole but even though my periods were regular. I got it by 28 days. We can thought of trying last month. Had my periods on Oct 4th'16 took letrozole 3-7 days and had trigger shot on Oct 16th'16 and tried intercourse 15th and 17th as doctor recommended . Now I have missed my period by 9 days I don't see much of pregnancy symptoms other than sore nipples and missed period. I haven't tried home pregnancy test yet. I am stressed what if it turns negative ?

My question now is after taking letrozole and trigger shot missing period is a sign of pregnancy or is it possible to have irregular periods even after taking all those medication for PCOS ? Please Advice