After Making Chocolate milk, the chocolate came from a chocolate bar (spanish brand), and eating Soda crakers and butter together, I suddenly felt my lips swelling and at first it was only one part that was swollen, then when i woke up my whole upper lip twice its size and swollen. This has been happening for sometime now, first it was the month of Februrary to March for about a month then May i didnt get any swelling, now it occurs again. It would either be my lips or a smart part underneathe my eye that would swell up. I eat all the regular stuff when i was a child. And now all of the "allergic" reactions are keeping me from school. i dont know what im allergic to, but i called a allergist doctor and the secretary said they werent taking any new patients till June. :-( I hate having these allergic reactions and i want to stop them but i dont know what im allergic too. help?