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About 3 weeks ago I started getting a rash an thought I just had really bad dry skin and started applying skin moisturizer liberally, it did very little to alleviate the itching. I lived with this for a couple more days when welts started to appear on my buttocks, arms, back and chest. Two days later I woke up with a swollen bottom lip.
At this point I started reading about this Sudden Swollen Llip malady on the net and started taking Benadryl tablets. I started with 1 in the morning as this is when the symptoms started to occur around 5am, which were waking me up. For many days that seemed to keep everything under control and then a few days ago I woke up with the rash and an upper swollen lip. At this point I took 2 Benadryl that morning and it took about 4 hours before I started looking normal enough to go to work.
Today I started having a funny sensation in my throat at work and felt my lips starting to tingle, I took a couple Benadryl and left the office for home. I have about a 40 minutes drive and within about 20 minutes my upper lip left side started to swell. The swelling then moved to the right upper by the time I got home and finally the upper center started to swell. After about another hour the bottom left and right were swelling , however the center bottom didn't swell, this is weird stuff.
Some thoughts:
I started using Blistex lip balm (blue tube stuff) about the time this started which I am not going to discontinue.
I had originally thought early on that the rash may have been due to a new clothing detergent my wife started using which we discontinued, at which point we went back to the old stuff and washed everything in the house twice, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect all the symptoms' are still there.
I have not been eating anything new but am thinking now that the chemicals in one of the products I eat may have changed or added, possibly a preservative in something. I read the most comment foods that can do this and one thing I do eat a lot of is tuna which I am going to discontinue for a while to see if it has any effect. A also rarely drink milk but have a few time since this started happening so I going to stop drinking that as well for a while.
One other thing that is different from the time this started is we bought to very large humidifiers for the house and we put a cap full of bacteriostat and a another chemical that treats the water to prevent lime and calcium build up. I'm going to continue to run the humidifier without putting the chemicals in the water. I am a bit concerned if it was the water treatment chemicals for the humidifier because the chemicals would be on every surface in the house, and it amy take awhile for them to break down.
An interesting thing I read was one person thought they might have been allergic to something in a new shampoo she was trying which she also discontinued with good results, which makes me wonder if the pillow has the all over it. My wife had some new shampoo that I gave a try about when this started which I will also not use again as a precautionary measure I'm probably going to dump my pillow and buying a new one just to be on the safe side as that is the only article on the bed that has not been washed and my pillow is not washer safe.
She wrote:
"I discovered the cause of waking up in the morning with a swollen lip and/or tongue. I am allergic to a Redken hair product called "Disrupt" -- when I sleep at night, a small amount of the hair product residue is left on the pillow which gets rubbed on my face/lips/tongue during the night. If you're waking up with swollen lips, suspect your hair product(s) and/or cosmetics. To test, dab a small amount on your lips, then wipe it off. If it swells, you know you're allergic to that produc."
Things to think about which I have read from other posts:
Household chemicals. Products such as air fresheners, candles, dish soaps and cleaners can all cause allergic reactions, especially when it comes to added scenting. What you're putting into the air with a "vanilla breeze" freshener or "apple pie" candle is probably manufactured artificially scented.
Keep track of your diet, paying special attention to nuts (peanuts and tree nuts), milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish, as these foods account for 90% of all food reactions.
Cosmetic items. A great many chemicals and dyes, as well as unexpected animal products, constitute makeup and other beauty products. Change you lipstick, your chap-stick, and your other makeup items.
Drugs. Upon being informed of your allergic reaction, your doctor is likely to consider your prescriptions and change any new prescriptions to ones that won't give you an allergic reaction if he can. Over-the-counter drugs can cause allergies too, so pay attention to what painkillers, cough syrups, and other medicines you use. Remember that even if you've been using an item for a while without problems, an allergy to it can pop up without warning.
I also wonder if there is something we all have in common, things we eat or drink, a drug or hygiene product.
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After 24 hrs of eating seafood containing crawfish and shrimps my left and right Conor I’m my bottom lips started to swell up
Bad . It was left with a rash or and eczema type feeling on my lip . I started to take Benadryl but it’s not clearing up