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My legs burn at the back above my knees get cold knees it's a hurting feeling in my legs my body temperature goes up and down,saying that it never gets to 36.5 it's 34.4 or35.5 I get cold shivers only time I'm warm is if I get a hot sweat,doc sais. I have a sensitivity to cold ???  plus nerve damage due to perepheral neuropathy but thay don't now what as caused it, it's horrible after an hour of getting out of bed I start getting cold.then my legs go cold then I start to shiver,at nite when I sit down my legs start to burn as I've said, anybody get this,



peripheral neuropathy is usually connected with later stage diabetes disease, but since you said your doctor didn't know what caused nerve damage resulting in peripheral neuropathy, I assume they've checked your blood sugar levels.

Other conditions that can lead to peripheral neuropathy are vitamin B12 deficiency and prolonged untreated hypoactive thyroid gland. The B12 deficiency related neuropathy is often caused by alcoholism, while underactive thyroid gland is something that causes a lot of other symptoms that your doctor should have noticed,

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