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Hi Everyone,

My name is Zachary Amore, it was my 15th birthday on the 7th of april and my nanna brought me a weight lifting set, i knew she brough it for me for a reason, well i know im not that strong, and i am a abit on the puggy side but im not that big. I know that weightlifting gives you muscle but dose it help you lose weight? how much sould i start lifting?



Yes, weight lifting is good both for building your muscles and losing weight. When you want to lose fat- you work out with weights. An intense weight training session burns calories during the workout. Because of the intense workout, your metabolism has been stimulated and you are burning more calories doing nothing. As the intensity of the training increases, there is the increase of the fat burning after working out.
Once you add muscles to your body, you will greatly increase the number of calories you burn each day, and once you achieve fat loss goals, you can start eating more food without putting the fat back on.