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i play soccer as my main sport... what type of lifting should i do? i want to gain some weight but keep my speed and agility...


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The first thing you would want to do is find a personal trainer, or someone educated in weightlifting, and make sure your technique is correct with the basic exercises for each muscle group.

I have worked with many soccer players and when it comes to strength training, if they have never lifted before, then your focus is a total body routine. You would want to pick the basic exercises for each muscle group and go for 2 or 3 sets per exercise shooting for higher reps like 10-12.

I can't tell you specifically what to do because i don't know anything about you. You might have joint issues I don't know about, or some other medical issue.

Anyway, you could do it 2 to 3 days a week with a days's rest inbetween. If you get stronger, especially in your legs and core, the speed will come. In regards to speed, just like the weight lifting exercises, you will want to make sure your running mechanics are proper.

Hope that helps.