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Find out why pumping iron at the gym may be what you've been missing, without even knowing it.
Ever wonder why all that cardio isn't getting you as toned as you'd hopped? Hours on the treadmill just won't get you the toned look you're going for because are in need of some weights! This is because long-standing myths surrounding lifting weights have plagued this essential part of physical training for so many people. Especially women, who have fears of becoming manly, or who are just intimidated by this section of their local gym, are missing out on what could make or break personal goals.

Skipping weights at the gym is like skipping out on your veggies! They are likely the best thing for you, full of great stuff, and will have more long-lasting effect on your body and health.

What is it, exactly?

Often called “weightlifting”, lifting weights is synonymous with weight training and resistance training, while Weightlifting is a sport all on its own! Sports such as bodybuilding, power-lifting and Olympic weightlifting all use resistance (weight) as a training method. Each use a unique technique and method of training, leading to a specific goal. None of these should be confused with resistance training for health.

The average Joe, however, may not easily see the difference between these sports and simple weight training for general fitness and overall improved health, or weight loss. What women need to know is that lifting weights does not lead to large, bulky muscles (yes, even if you think you do grow big muscles). Women are simply incapable of growing large muscles the way men do as a result of our hormonal balance. Women who grow large muscles do so intentionally with unnatural supplements.

What you shouldn't do is walk in blindly, grab a big ol' barbell, and copy the beefy meat-head next to you. In fact, never copy others in the gym- how do you know how long they've been training, what their goals are, and how they compare to you? Start with what you know and use the guide below to help you set up your workout. You should also seek the help of a professional.

Seek Help and Information

So weightlifting need not be avoided at the gym. The help of an expert (a trainer) can make you feel more comfortable as you find your way around cable machines, dumbbells, barbells, benches and more. One you've learned how to set up your workouts according to your goals, and what exercises you can start with, you'll notice a huge difference in how you feel.

Weight training should be used by those who want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone muscle, burn fat, manage health conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis, and improve sport performance- even for long distance runners. Essentially, there is no one who should be leaving weight training out of their workout programs!

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