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How to stop heart attack using simple breathing exercise

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I don't know if I buy into this. Hyperventilation can cause vasoconstriction for sure - as is evidenced by numbness in the hands and feat while someone has an increased respiratory rate - but to cause coronary artery constriction to the extent that it would present with chest pain seems a stretch. Working in EMS for 15 years - I can say that I don't often remember a patient presenting with angina symptoms who had a respiratory rate increased enough to justify hyperventilation as the cause of the pain.

Further - I think it's dangerous for someone to use these type of techniques when presented with chest pain, rather than following a more standard protocol of taking prescribed nitroglycerine. In the even there is no relief with the nitro - then more medical attention is necessary. AND - even if the vasoconstriction was caused by hyperventilation - the nitro will dilate the coronary arteries and return sufficient blood what is the downside?