I have had this problem for years, I'm 27 and my little sister who is just 12 has this problem as well. We both suffer from anxiety. We let things get to us and we worry too much. I googled "air hunger" and I think I finally found the answer to my problem. Every symptom applied to me. Thank you so much for helping me find the answer :D .

I have spent so much money on doctor bills b/c I thought it was something really serious like my heart. The doctors never could find anything wrong with me. The last test they wanted to run was a stress test, but since all the other tests came back normal, I didn't feel any need in spending more money on a test they are just using to rule something out. I actually did have some chest pain along with my troubled breathing, but come to find out, it was just my reflux (GERD) causing this problem. I had ran out of my meds and after a couple days it really felt like I might have been experiencing a heart attack. Once I got meds down me, I instantly felt relief.

When I googled air hunger I was directed to a page on about that gave a breathing exercise that I can do while just sitting at my desk at work and it really seemed to help me. It's a yoga breathing exercise. I seem more calm and I'm not yawning or struggling to get a deep breath :) . I just recently tried this.

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