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on 4/20/07 I had extremely bad chest pain across top of my chest. I also had burning feeling in my face. Went to hospital and they said the ekg looked ok but my blood pressure was high. (Doc thought I was having anxiety attack from stress at work.) cardio doc started me on metoprolol (didn't like side effects). I have had pains behind my chest bone and the feeling of a lump at the top of my stomach and belching. Went for a nuclear stress and echocardiogram- they say both looked normal. One thing that concerns or bothers me the most is me heart rate can change at any time, even if i'm just sitting for a while. it will go from 60 bpm to like 130 bpm in seconds. I also get very strong heart beats even if heart rate is normal. if like its going to pound out of my chest. If anyone else has had these symptoms please advise.!


i have had the same problem

and i am very fit. but i don't know why i get such a strong heart beat.