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I am a 14 year old boy. On wednesday last week I eat and Drank a lot of fizzy stuff ,Ever since friday night I have been having a sensation in the bottom and sometimes the top of my chest. I am quite skinny and I am not over weight. And I do some exercise daily But I do eat a lot of chocolate and gassy stuff eg coke. I have a sort of acheing feeling in my jaw and arms and in the back of my chest, but it is not painfull as I can move them with out any pain. I had a simular sort of thing 3 weeks ago when I went to A&E they did a ECG and an x ray on my chest and they said I was fine. It seems to be worse in the night than in the day.
I do not have any heart problems but I do spend a lot of my time on the computer and I sit slumped down in the chair. And Now I feel sick. Does anyone know what is wrong?


Gas can sometimes be thought of as having a heart attack. The symptoms of a gas attack have sent many folks to the ER thinking that they are having one. I think you just need to change your life style a bit. It's okay to have a soda, but you don't need to many at a time. Pop is very carbonated and when it's consumed in a high quantity, you will feel gasey and in pain. Chocolate can give you the aches to, i know, as i am a chocoholic.
Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar and a coke, grab a piece of fruit and a flavored water or a juice. You don't have to stop your guilty pleasures all together, just slow down. Sometimes that feeling that is causing us to be so uncomfortable is the need to let out a big burp.

When your sitting at your computer, try to maintain your posture. Slumping over sort of compresses all the stuff in your frontal area, making you uncomfortable. It also causes a back ache and will eventually result in poor posture. Try sitting with a book on your head while your at the keyboard, i know it sounds dumb, but the book will force you to sit up straight. Keep your feet flat on the floor under your desk. It will take some practice to maintain this position, but once you've adapted to it, it will come naturally.
Once you change up things a bit, i hope you feel an improvement, but still keep an eye out. When you have mastered your new life style and things don't feel different, see your docor again.

I remember one time i was so thirsty that i just slammed a bottle of pepsi, it was sort of on the warm side. I had a gut ache for 2 days!! I ate Tums like they were going out of style. No matter what i did, it still hurt but finally went away.