Colorado city had banned smoking at workplaces and in public buildings 18 months ago. Health experts from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver performed a study to see if the ban had any positive effects on people’s health. To their surprise, the study showed that hospital admissions for heart attacks of the citizens had declined for 27%.

To prove that it is smoking ban and reduced smoking in public places that significantly influenced the cut back in the heart attack rate, researchers compared the data with the surrounding Pueblo County and city of Colorado Springs that didn’t adopt the smoking ban. The data gathered didn’t show any change in heart attach hospitalizations in these areas.

The researchers report that the decrease in number of hospitalization is caused by the cut on the second-hand smoke exposure. The study proves how second-hand smoking brings on the disease. Other factors like air pollution and preventive care of the community but these factors had no significant influence over the study findings.

Pueblo had forbidden smoking in indoor workplaces and all public buildings including restaurants, bars and recreational facilities such as bowling alleys and managed in that way to cut down on the number of heart attacks as well as money spent on hospitalization.