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I very recently smoked pot with my boyfriend, which led to me lying on the couch for a couple hours breathing hard and twitching. I've smoked before and i was perfectly fine, but that night, for some reason, i had a panic attack that lasted a few hours. I was in a great mood before smoking and i had fun being high, but i think i got so high that it scared me. I've been in so many worse situations where a panic attack would've been expected, but i was fine then, so why in the world did i have one over smoking pot when it never bothered me before. I mean, does that usually happen to people every once in a while?


Hi there,

14 days ago I smoked a blunt of KUSH and I had panic attack that went on 4 hours. Even when I tried to breath deep and slow it still went on finally until my high completely went away. I was beginning to wonder why it happened. That very same night after I felt like myself I smoked a bowl. I got high and this time I wasn't scared or assumed the pot made me have the panic attack. Now being an every day smoker averaging 3 bowls, I started to worry. As my worrying went on I started to feel strange and confused. Then one more day passes and I feel normal again. My cousin was going to stop by so I packed a bong full. I put about a quarter or more in it. We exchanged hits until there was none left. Exactly as I lit up a cigarette I started having another panic attack. The weed wasn't as good as the blunt this time but my panic attacks went on all day long. Even when I woke up the next day I was going crazy.

My symptoms were:
heart palpitations
shortness of breath
loss of appetite
physically and mentally exhausted
numbness (entire body)
dry heaving
hot/cold sweats
derealization <---- That is what kept this all going.

I finally decided to go to the hospital and make sure everything was alright. They prescribed me with Inderal®
(propranolol hydrochloride) 10mg with 20 tablets.

Every day before that first panic attack I could smoke as much weed as I wanted. That derealization state lasted for 12 days straight.
I gave up cigarettes, started drinking water and 100% juice only, taking vitamins, exercising and living a 100% healthy life.
As each day passes I get closer and closer to being my normal self again. I did notice the more I take my mind off of what happened the easier it was to make it through the day. Once the derealization stopped It was much easier for me to live my life worry free. Once a panic attack is triggered there's a thought stuck in your head that makes it seem like and endless loop.

After all that happened I still wanted to continue smoking. After 14 days of hell I finally picked up the bowl again and started slowly until I felt comfortable. As each day passes I up my dosage one extra hit until I am at peak.

I have decided not to touch the tablets they prescribed me with because if it is a mental problem then only I can fix it.
You just have to get comfortable with yourself again, stay positive and don't over think.

Stay patient and keep occupied with stuff that doesn't make you think much. Now I can talk about it and without any problems.


Absolutely. There are other factors as well.for instace some people
dont tolerate certain kinds of weed like strong sativas.if you are too tired and smoke lil more than usual it can trigger a panic atack in some ppl.i experience slight panic attacks if i smoke a lot at once of a new strain.hiwever if this happens everytime there is reason for concern.take a long break and see how it goes then.sometimes your body gets full of the substance and cant take much all means do NOT smoke every day.


stick to NATURAL, unaugmented or synthetic pot....46 years and the only panic attack occured with "spice"