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ive been smoking since I was 15 and I'm almost 18 now, recently I started having Panic attacks after smoking a few bowls, i have been smoking everyday and in the last month this seems to happen alot , yesterday i had the worst one yet, just want to see what I should do? Should I quit? Ive cut down alot but it happens still? Should i go to a doctor? Any replys would be much help cause this is actually scary! And I very much enjoy smoking its always been my way to calm down my body feels very strange after to as if im out of it and dont even know whats going on I just want some answers . Thanks


Hehe, may just cut down on it just a bit. Don't go to the doc because more than likely you will probably be referred a to psych doc due to your panic attacks. Then depending how she or he will treat you more than likely again he or she will just give you pills to sugar coat the problem and not really address it. Then those pills them self's will probably bring on other problems as well not all pills will but some will. 

My experience is somewhat similar, prior to my panic attacks i had never done any kind of drug(s). So one night i ate maybe 3 chunks of a weed brownie , 45 minutes later i had the biggest 3 hour panic attack of my life the side effect were terrible in every sense of the word. My heart was racing super fast, my throat literally felt like it was closing or suffocating ,  my mouth went cotton mouth, my limbs went semi numb. That was my intro to panic attacks, A few weeks later they started to happen more frequently with the sensation of my limbs going numb, well my arms ,hands,legs literally went numb out of no where, by this point that was the only time i ate the weed brownie, i suspect the thc stayed in my fat cells for my body to use later when it needs to . My panics continued for 2 years after the weed incident. which in between the time i visited a psych and my first panic attack, i wound up in the E.R several times because i had no idea what was happening to me. 

I saw 3 psych's 2 of them i fired because all they did was just give me pills and hope for the best. The third one was better cause we talked about my problem. But he did give prescribe ativan that's the only pill i trust . it literally makes you forget your fears and in turn stop your panic attacks, but you have to be careful with it because it becomes habit forming, Highly Addictive.  Fast forward to know which is like 5 years or so, my panics have stopped with out the help of any pills, but at the same time, Anxiety disorder took over, at the same time it made me a hypochondriac. Im better now but i avoid stuff that might trigger them. Like roller coasters .

Well that is my two cents there more to my story. But this is the jist of it.