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I'm 27 and since I can remember I can feel my heart beat. I can look at my chest and see how it moves, it gets worse when I exercise, the beats are so strong that if I sit still it shakes me, I feel it the most when I go to sleep (which is very annoying) and recently I can feel how it skips a beat, and I find myself taking deep breaths. though I've never passed out, or felt dizzy. So it's that normal? for your heart to beat so strong??


I would have it checked out. "Skipping" a beat can either be pvc (premature ventricular contraction) or pac (premature atrial contraction). Pvcs aren't that big of a deal, alot of people have them and they don't really do damage, just freak people out. Pacs, on the other hand, ARE a big deal. The only way your can tell the difference though, is to have an EKG. Alot of things cause pvcs- nicotine, caffeine, energy drinks, etc. That's what I have. I have no idea what causes pacs, but I know my cardiologist breathed a sigh of relief when mine weren't because they're dangerous. So please, find out which they are.
Good luck and good health!