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I have a dull ache in my chest, about left center. I am 31, 6'3 260lbs. I have always been a moody/depressed type guy, always worrying about everything. In the past year i have started a new job, bought a house and had a child. STRESS OVERLOAD! One day at work (i work on the line at Ford) i turned to grab my screw gun and BAM, felt like somebody hit me directly in the heart with a sledgehammer, it did not hurt, kind of felt like a huge heart palpitation, i blacked out for a split second and grabbed my chest. A few days prior to this i started having that dull ache, slight choking feeling, and light head. I went to the ER and they ran CT scan and some other stuff. All came back fine. My Doctor ran an Echo and came back fine, with a slight "leaky valve" but she said that is somewhat normal and not to worry. I was released from the ER 12 hours later with a diagnosis of "severely dehydrated".... odd

I have since started seeing a psychiatrist and counselor, have been put on zoloft 1 a day and xanax (as needed) but cant seem to kick these feelings.


i still get that "ache" here and there, and sometimes it lasts for a day or 2. I am also going to get a stress test soon, and sleep study. Hopefully something gets figured out soon, im not afraid to admit it but im pretty scared over this. I have a 1 year old, a great wife and a great family, not ready to check out just yet.... i would love anybodies stories or comments on my post!


Hi Jason,


Your doctor mentioned a slightly leaky valve. Did you ask what valve it is? If your doctor wasn't worried about it, it was probably your mitral valve. People with mitral valve prolapse also tend to have dysautonomia, which is where your body has an abnormal response to stress and results in anxiety or even panic attack. People with mitral valve prolapse also tend to experience chest pain. For a lot of people, it gets bad enough that they take anxiety medications.


What is good is that you are being proactive about it. Maybe something will show up on the sleep study. At your size, I would say that snoring and even apnea might be a problem, so definitely pay attention to the sleep study. Look up information for Mitral valve Prolapse on the internet, see if you find anything that helps.