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I am 18 and overweight. I am obese and can’t help it. I use to wake at night and eat. I drink soft drinks and have ugly stomach because of that. Simple truths don’t work for me. Please post.


I drink 2l of coke every day. I can live without candies and chocolate but not without coke. I made my own diet based on foods that can not live without. I lost few pounds that way. Slowly, but was proud.


Of course you can help it. YOU control what goes in your mouth. Is it easy to change your lifestyle/eating patterns? NO!!

But it's the only way you will reach your goal. Think of it like this - it is your current lifestyle (what you eat plus how you exercise/don't exercise) that has made you obese. Expecting to lose weight and keep it off without changing your lifestyle is not only unrealistic, it's one definition of insanity.

So ask yourself this question "do I want to keep drinking soft drinks or do I want a slender, ab-licious stomach?" because you can't have both. Been there, tried that.

The best things you can do for yourself are these:

1) stop eating the "whites" (no white flour, white rice, white pasta, white sugar)

2) drink at least 64oz water per day

3) stop the soft drink habit (be prepared for massive sugar withdrawals so gradually reduce instead of going for the 'cold turkey' approach)

4) eat frequently - it helps keep your blood sugar stable, thus reducing the binge responses. Try for breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner/snack kind of food day.

5) eat more veggies! Don't tell me you don't like 'em. You just don't like the ones you've tried. Check out jicama, kohlrabi, bok choy, daikon, sugar peas, spaghetti squash

6) cook your own food. Fast food is a guarantee of obesity/ill health.

7) check out this book: Life is Hard, Food is Easy by Linda Spangle - ESPECIALLY if you think you are an emotional eater.

So what if your best friend can eat triple chocolate fudge cake every day and not gain weight? Life ain't fair and you need to get over it. I did and I realized that my fave food (chocolate decandence cake) helped make me obese. Friends like THAT I do NOT need!

laugh outloud every day. Life is short and should be spent laughing.


PS. I shed 80 pounds in less than a year by doing the above. ;)