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So this girl I've liked for 3 years I can't ask out, I'm 12 btw, she is 6 inches taller, and likes me but she ca t go out with me cuz her parents belive the dude should be like 1 head taller period. What should I do?


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You didn't say how old she is but I assume she's near to your age. Since you are both too young to make your own choices, there probably isn't much you can do. Just keep on being friends with her. If the height difference doesn't bother her, you should still be able to get together, just don't make it look like a date to her mother.

But mothers do have a way of influencing daughters, so be prepared for the worst.

When I was in the army I dated a colonel's daughter.
I was a lowly enlisted man.
Her mother absolutely hated me but her father liked me just fine.
For the first three months we dated I didn't have a car so I was invited into her house.
Her father would drag his wife off to bed early so we could be alone in the living room.
He also offered me his car to take his daughter out quite often.
The first time I went to see her at home, we were just going to go out walking around the area. Her father asked me: What do have for wheels? I said: I don't, sir. He said: You do now, as he handed me the keys to his car. Then he said, just be back before 6:00am because it's my turn to drive for golf tomorrow. His wife instantly jumped in with: Be back by 10:30, and he said make it 12:30 or 1:00.

After I went home on leave and brought my car back with me, her mother wouldn't let me in the house. I had to wait for her out front. I wasn't allowed to go to the door or blow the horn to let her know I was there. She used to tell me what insulting thing her mother said to her about me as she was leaving each time. Why do you want to date a guy with a mustache? Why would you go out with a guy with false teeth? (The army pulled all my teeth and gave me new ones while I was in basic training.) She never actually said anything about me not being an officer, but we knew.

We had a wonderful year and a half together but she finally left me for an officer. I don't know if her mother had much to do with it or if she just found someone else she liked better. She was as kind to me as anyone could be when she split.