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Hey guys, thank you so much for reading this!

A little while back, my girlfriend and I had unprotected sex. She was on her last day of her weekly birth control patch rotation, so we had sex on the Saturday before the Sunday that she was supposed to change to a new patch. Our time of intercourse was almost exactly two and a half weeks before the start of her next period.

She showed her regular period symptoms, and was right on time. She is also literally within days of her second period since our time of intercourse and once again everything looks normal. I am pretty excited about this.

So my quesions are as follows:

1. Will the fact that she was going to switch her patch the next day change its affectivness? In otherwords, since it was on its last day of the weekly rotation - will it still work just as well as the first?

2. Was the time period of which we had sex in (almost exactly two and a half weeks before the start of her next period) affect anything?

3. What is the possibility of her having almost perfectly average and on time periods while being pregnant? I hope that they are very slim.

Well guys, I hope that this is clear enough. I so honestly respect the TIME and EFFORT you are putting forth to help me out. Thanks again!


As long as she changed the patch on schedule, there should be very minimal chances of pregnancy, especially if she has had a period since.



Any other input? Thanks you so much crzyfl!


Birth control is EXTREMELY effective at preventing pregnancy! So as long as she is changing her patch on schedule, and having a NORMAL period, she should be not pregnant.

ON A SIDE Note..Do you have a back-up plan?
Have you talked about "what if"
I have become pregnant on birth control, and had an abortion. My husband and I never want babies, so we both agree that if I become pregnant I would want to have another abortion..

If you guys talk about "WHAT IF" she becomes pregnant, and have a back-up plan, it may help you feel more secure.