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Last yr my ten yr old went to the dentist and was stuck in lower gums by a dental assistant who had no cleaning license. My daughter immediately complained that her gums were itching. The dentist waved it off, saying she was fine.

Three mos later her gums were still itching and the itching began to spread to her nail and toe beds, her throat, eyes and we went to every doctor and hospital that our medical card would allow. They gave her every allergy test, blood test and anti itch medicines, such as Benadryl, antibiotics, etc. Since there are no outward symptoms no one seems to know what is wrong with her.

Now a yr. later the itching is still there and has spread to her private area where she is now having a discharge.

Finally we have a homeopathic nurse who gave her cali sulph and that didn't help. She is mailing a new remedy soon but I am really nervous because there still hasn't been an official diagnosis.

My daughter itches in all of these places twenty four hours a day. She believes when she gets in hot water her entire body itches worse.

I am very sad as this twenty four hr itch is ruining my child's life. If anyone has any idea what could be wrong--please help us.
:-( :-(


Any better yet? Try a surgical scrub and see if that helps. can get at pharmacy over counter..hibiclens??