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Well this all started about a month ago, I think I had a hemorrhoid because I had some blood on the paper after wiping but no it's been a few weeks since then and there is no more bleeding but it is SO soar it hurts to sit for too long and it just won't go away. I do see a small piece of skin protruding out which I push back in but the pain inside won't go away. Is this hemorrhoids or something else?


I am only 23 and eat healthy. I do work at a computer so am sitting down for most of the day (probably what started this). I have tried heat and cold packs, increasing fiber ( I don't have problems with BMs) and using prep H but this has been going on for over a month and I'm starting to get worried.


Anyone else experience prolonged soarness like this or know what it could be and what I can do? Thanks.




Sounds like yours is likely a Stage 3 prolapse internal hemorrhoid...

Prolonged sitting will aggravate it. You must force yourself to alternate between standing and sitting every couple of minutes while you're at the computer. If you do not develop this habit, it can prolapse to stage 4, which will be even more difficult to treat.

Go for some exercise as well, like jogging or even just walking, but NOT cycling or weightlifting, to promote blood circulation which can reduce that swelling.

But of course, you should get it diagnosed from a doctor as well.