First of all, THANK YOU.

I'm 32. Male. 5'7" I like long walks on the beach... (kidding)

This hemorrhoid seems like an atom bomb in my life. I am, without a doubt, the very best me I've ever been. I have focused on my health with a microscope over the last 2-3 months. I've taken my cardio from "out of breath in 30 seconds" to 45 minutes of intensity (using a heart rate monitor to measure my success all the way). I've eaten 6 small (high protein, low carb) meals every day. My weight is down about 15-17 lbs and my abdominal muscles are uncovered (even at rest). I've been very happy with my progress.

So 2 weeks ago, I began weight training to build muscle. In my case, it seems worth mentioning that (when I was young) I was a competitive gymnast for many years. It seems that my physique has a muscle memory that always lingers from that sport. Even if I don't exercise, I'm (pound for pound) very strong and my body shape changes to muscular very quickly.

Soooo... I've eaten an extremely high protein diet with little or no carbs, let alone fiber. I've gone from a "poop twice a day" guy to a "poop once every 3-4 days" guy... I've attacked my quads and glutes about 3 times with weight. AND I drink little half a pot of coffee EVERY morning. PERFECT storm...

Yesterday I discovered my first hemorrhoid in the shower (right in front of a female. I couldn't even mask the look of shock on my face). Later on, I was terrified to poop, but it wasn't too bad... No blood.

When I focus on something, I get a little crazy...

I jumped (carefully with good form) into action right away. Bought Prep-H, medical wipes, and suppositories. But I've already determined that vaseline feels much better than Prep-H. I've easily obsessed over researching this for 6 (or more) hours (since yesterday!).

I've bought a Clear Soluble Fiber Powder and the most HARDCORE 100% whole grain steel cut oatmeal available. (The kind of oatmeal you have to cook overnight). I've mixed the fiber powder into the whole grain oatmeal. It's a pretty serious brew and It made my stool this morning very easy. (like crumbling soft ice cream). There really wasn't any discomfort.

I'm drinking some water every hour, on the hour. I cut my coffee intake to one mug.

I know this sounds horrible to most people, but I HATE fruit. Hate it. It just makes me flatulent and uncomfortable. I simply must do my best in life, without it...

You now know my situation about as well as I do.


About my diet... I'd really like to remain lean and cut. If I eat a bowl of super high fiber oatmeal with breakfast and one with lunch, and added fiber powder to a protein shake somewhere in there. Do you suppose I could dramatically limit my carb intake after that? In other words, If I ate far more than my share of fiber before three o'clock, and almost exclusively protein after that, should that be enough? If I have a very healthy poop every morning, and then focus on eggs, tuna, chicken and pork into the evening, is that a sound plan?

About cardio... Can 30-45 minutes of sweating on an elliptical every day do harm to my hemorrhoid situation? I pry average 3-4 large bottles of water in that hour...

Most importantly (emphasizing curiousity) About my weight training... Can focused upper body exercises (like lat pull downs, bench pressing, shoulder flies and rows with perfect form) cause more damage to this hemorrhoid situation?

Can simply standing upright with 2 heavy dumbells in my hands cause harm?

Any experienced weight lifter knows the tremendous importance of the squatting action to build muscle. Letting it go is a big deal. That, in itself, can cause a damaging imbalance. Do I have to stop ALL heavy weight exercises...?

Those 5 specific questions are going to be the only thing on my mind until someone answers them to my satisfaction. If you can help me, thank you SOOOOO MUCH.