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I have had a problem with anal bleeding/hemorrhoids ever since I was a young adult.

I have never really had it treated. I have had it observed by a doctor only once. It was when it seemed to be protruding and felt like a small growth or ball near my anus. I was very concerned because my mother had colorectal cancer. When the doctor examined the ball, he recognized that it was a hemorrhoid. He did not treat it and did not seem concerned. I treated it with some over the counter medicine and it went away.

But it going away meant that it didnt protrude out of my anus anymore and the ball was no longer there. But the regular bleeding, slight pain, and occasional itching still persisted. The pain and itching is probably only a 1 or 1.5 on a scale to 10.

My main concern is the bleeding. There is some blood on the toilet paper probably 1/4 of the time I have a bowel movement. Every once in a while, usually correlating with my stress level, there is a significant amount of blood flow to the extent that it colors the toilet water and drips. But each time, after I get more sleep, calm down and resume a more regular stress level, it returns back to the occasional spotty bleeding. On a ongoing basis the source of the regular, occasional spotty bleeding is the exact location of the where the protruding hemorrhoid was observed by a doctor nearly ten years ago.

Other information is that I have a very healthy diet, tons of fiber. I also tend to, I think, strain myself while #2ing. Usually for no other reason other than that I always seem to be in a rush. Next, I think I try too hard to be extra, extra, extra clean down there and might wipe a too much or too excessively on a regular basis.

I am trying to get some advice on how much I should be concerned about the bleeding and some advice on next steps. Is this a normal thing? Do other people bleed this much, this regularly? I think a cold compress would be a good idea. Maybe I should also consider a a bidet or some other form of cleansing other than wiping? Maybe moist cold disposable towelettes or something?

I would greatly appreciate any and all advice or suggestions on how I should move forward and any advice how concerned I should be about this...



The mention of "dripping blood" concerns me and 10 years is quite a while to let this problem go untreated. Just for your own peace of mind why not pay a visit to your doctor? Bring him all of your concerns and he can probably put you at peace. I have a roid that stays inward and i do have a smear of blood when i wipe, but only if i am having a hard time moving, never dripping blood to where the toilet water becomes red. You may have a fissure which is a tear around your anus. Upon straining you may keep cracking it and making it bleed. There are probably 10 reasons why this is going on with you, none of them critical. Make mention to your doc, you are the only one who is control of your health and well being as your doctor will not come to you. ;-)