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i have had a severe bleeding roid for a month or longer every time i sit down weather or not i am doing #1 or #2 i bleed bad can you tell me why any body?[if i could afford a doctor i would go but i cant]


Well, you need to see a doc in order to get rid of it that is for sure.

Sometimes, hemorrhoids may go away on their own but you need to wash your anal area every time after passing stool with warm water and dry it carefully. You should always perform sitz baths a few times a day as it is helpful.

You fill a tub with warm water and then spending 20-25 minutes sitting in it. This brings relief from pain and it may be helpful with hemorrhoids themselves.

If they persist, there is nothing you can do but see a doc about the hemorrhoid removal. Make sure your stool is soft by eating enough fiber foods and drinking a lot of water.
Good luck!