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I've had a few in the past so i know what a textbook one should look like, however, recently i developed a tender raised bump between my cheeks, but about an inch away from the anus towards my tailbone to one side of the crack but still near the center. i thought it was an external hemorrhoid from a vein underneath the skin, but is it possible for a hemorrhoid to be so far away from the anus? could it be an anal hernia? the bump is not very big and its reddish/skin colored. I assume i got it from doing squats at the gym  mixed with eating a high protein diet with not enough fiber. anyway main question.. can a hemorrhoid be so far away from the actual anus?


hi cnj80,

i think i have the same thing as you.

ive had many hemorroids in my life, and this is not it.

i have this skin colored bump right next to my anus. 2 weeks ago it become really swelled i couldnt walk or sit, it finally ruptured ( i dont know if passing stools or wiping did it ) and all the pain went away once it ruptured.

i still have it, but it doesnt hurt anymore and has decreased very much in size.

i read about it on internet.

it might be an anal absess (anorectal absess) or perianal haematoma.

an anal absess is like this small corner gets infected in your anus and becomes like a bump full of pus and/or blood.

when my bump ruptured i leaked pus and blood for 4 days (i know , gross) not in big quantites though.

perianal haematoma is a ruptured blood vessel that leaks inside your skin, which in turn makes a big bump full of blood and can be painful until it ruptures.

some ppl have to go to the doctor/emergency to make an small incision ( while under anesthesia ) , and sometimes it ruptures by itself.

it is recommended to keep the area as clean as possible. ( you dont want it to get more infected with your feces, which contain a lot of bacteria)

i read about some guy who was taking a shower and he let the hot water run on his anal bump (it was hurting and couldnt take it naymore), it became more tender and he squeezed it and some blood came out.

it is not recommended to rupture your own anal bump, as you may not rupture it the right way and just hurt yourself more.

when you wash your rectal area, i suggest soap with no fragrance and nothing added. it will just make your anus dry and very itchy and might make it worse.


well, i wish you good luck and take care.